Jeanie Flows is a performer from the root of her soul! Her journey began in elementary school as a figure skater, where she performed in numerous local competitions and showcases such as Winter Solstice, Blades on Ice, and NW Pacific Regionals. Jeanie Flows continued skating until entering her university education, however her dance passions never stopped! After graduating in 2013, she was introduced to the world of prop dancing, where she incorporated many skills of skating into her flow. Combining flexible movement, balance, and grace Jeanie Flows puts on a show that is both captivating and breath taking. Jeanie Flows is a versatile performer with a multi-prop functional style; specializing in hula hoop, silk fans, and poi fans. 


Performance Styles Offered:
Choreography and Freestyle Performances

LED Props:
Hula Hoop

Other Props:
Silk Fans and Poi Silk Fans

Single Hula Hoop (all ages)

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