Megz Hoops fell in love with hula hooping in 2012, becoming immediately passionate about her prop dancing abilities. Megz is a self taught hoop artist with an eye for observation, creating mesmerizing performances with ease using the crowd reaction to create dynamic, shape shifting light trails. Megz Hoops is most known for her energetic circus style multi-hoop performances where she uses complex patterns to intrigue the audience eye and always leave them wanting more.

Megz Hoops loves teaching others how to hula hoop and has held workshops for children of all ages in California several times until her move to Washington State. She was delighted to teach fundamental hooping skills and share her passion with the youth and is always available for private lessons. Since Megz Hoops move to Seattle in 2019, she has had the opportunity to grow her passion for hooping through skill shares with the Seattle flow arts community. Megz Hoops can perform for any crowd, large and small, and of all ages having two leading performances at KidsQuest Children’s Museum and SFMA Markets. No matter where or how Megz Hoops performs her shows will have you sitting at the end of your seat!


Performance Styles Offered:

LED hula hoop freestyle & choreographed pieces


Circus style multi-hooping & single hoop classes; all skill levels

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