M.O.G. has been dancing with her led fiber optic whip since early 2018. Although new to prop dancing, she has experience in aerial style dance professionally since 2013 and has been practicing go go styles since she was a young girl. M.O.G. loves bass heavy music but is flexible in her talents and can dance to any genre. She tells us, “As long as I am dancing I am smiling from my soul.”

She loves connecting with new people and always has the best interest for others in mind. She is often found performing at the weekly Seattle-Lights community event Electric Taco Tuesday in Tacoma and helps out with several community prop dance workshops. No matter if she is dancing or just hanging out she is always the life of the party and her energy is always filtered into her audience around her.


Performance Styles Offered:
Go-go dancing, LED prop dancing, aerial/pole performances

LED Props:
Fiber optic whip, double fiber optic whips, levitation wand

Pole dancing


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