Nicole has been hooping since 2005 and has adapted a very unique circus style of hooping; using multiple hoops and making shapes. Nicole loves getting involved with the community and does this by hosting a weekly hoop-aerobic class at Along with teaching, she has been making hoops for eight years. She excels in the art of fire spinning and LED, performing at FlowShop Presents and several small events and parties.

Nicole believes hoop dancing is a great way to connect with others and is very beneficial for personal growth and health. Each performance and class she teaches bring her pure joy that is felt so strongly in her audience and students that you will feel warm and connected after seeing her in her element of everything hoop.


Performance Styles Offered:
LED and fire hula hooping; circus style performance

LED Props:
Hula hoops in quantity of 1-6 hoops at a time, roller skating while hooping (roller hoop)

Fire Props:
Hula hoops in quantity of 1-4 hoops at a time, single inverted hoop, fans, and levitation wand

Fire Safety:
Flow Arts Institute (FAI) Certified

Can teach to all ages including kids and small to large groups. Specialty in hula hooping and roller hooping. Instruction lasts about an hour and is high energy, mindfulness is practiced when involving young children.

Insurance may be provided upon booking requirement.


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