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Ever since being a young girl, Nicole was destined for the stage. Growing up, she participated in baton twirling, gymnastics, cheerleading and was a member of several hip hop dance teams. It wasn’t until 2016, when she found the LED fiber optic whip that Nicole fell in love! Her talents quickly grabbed the attention of leading LED whip brands Fiberflies and GloFX where she started doing tutorials, photo and video shoots for the companies to use on their websites and advertisements. It was then she found teaching LED whip flow to others so rewarding she created the community Seattle-Lights (flow artists of Seattle/Tacoma) on Facebook as a way to connect with others in the community and host monthly skill share and instruction workshops.

In 2018, Nicole started performing for several local music artists including Cole Z, Vitamin V, and Gabe the Babe. She soon created Seattle-Lights Performers out of the talent she found through the community and has been booking gigs as a team ever since, landing their first festival performance as a team at Pixie Dust Festival Aug 2019 as well as several other small local events. Nicole is now a resident performer for DJ Ringmaster and is also a proud member of Feral Dance Crew.


Performance Styles Offered:
LED prop performances, go-go dancing, choreography

LED Props:
Hula hoop, fiber optic single and double whip, fiber optic double sided whip with light saber options

Other Props:
Silk fans and silk wings

Single and double whip and double sided whip instruction for all skill levels; silk fans

FAI Fire Safety Certified

Nicole Love is a fully insured performer and insurance information may be provided if required.


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