Since 2018, Spiral Savvy has been capturing the hearts of audiences of all ages with her very unique prop and illusion dance style. She is best known for her jaw dropping performances of object manipulation with the buugeng. Derived from Japanese buu (Martial Arts)-geng (illusion), Spiral Savvy can make dreamy trails of light through object manipulation that is true eye candy. This multi-prop functional artist also features a variety of props in her shows, including both LED and fire hula hoops.

Prop dancing, better known as “flow arts” is a passion that Spiral Savvy loves to share with others. She cherishes how flow arts is a beautiful form of self expression that teaches discipline, and encourages individuals to never give up when you fail. She performs to encourage the blending of a variety of art forms to unite all and spread awareness of meditative movement through flow arts.


Performance Styles Offered:
Prop dancing freestyle and choreographed pieces

LED Props:
Buugeng (s-staffs) and Hula-Hoop

Fire Props:
Iso Hoop

FAI (Flow Arts Institute) Certified Fire Safety


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